Slate is perhaps the ultimate roofing material, famed for its long-life, durability, exceptional weather resistance and stunning good looks.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a slate tile roof but thought you couldn’t afford it, think again. READYSLATE®, the slate roofing revolution is coming to Australia soon.

READYSLATE® promises an affordable, easy to install natural slate roof thanks to its world leading pre-assembled modular system.

READYSLATE®, a quality European slate product, is now available to Australian homeowners thanks to No1 Architectural Panel Systems.

Natural slate tiles offer so many advantages over other roofing materials including:

  • Exceptional rock solid durability—lasts for lifetimes
  • Thermal ability--absorbs heat during day to release at night
  • Resistant to cracking when exposed to temperature extremes
  • Stunning good looks that won’t cost a fortune

This is the roofing revolution you’ve been waiting for.


Traditional slate tile roofs require expert highly trained installers who are few and far between and expensive.

The installation cost alone has put slate roof tiles out of the reach of many home owners. Until now!

The lightweight, easy to install READYSLATE® modular tile system cuts down on installation time and the unique 4 step installation process does not require skilled labour or any specialised machinery.

Exceptional weathertight installation is easy to achieve even for DIYers.

Each READYSLATE® module sheet consists of 6 high quality, hand-quarried natural slate tiles (3.5 mm thick), overlaid on a 2.5mm thick waterproof bituminous membrane.

The modular design enables a seamless integration  any existing roof elements and provides a simple solution for all types of roof including roofs pitched as low as 18 degrees.

Ready, set, slate with READYSLATE®.


READYSLATE® tile modules are lightweight and flexible yet still retain all the outstanding strength and resistance qualities that natural tectonic slate is famous for.

It is designed to comply with building and roofing legal weight requirements.

The slate modules weigh approximately 5.4 kg each—so sheets are easy to carry up to the roof and manoeuvre into place.

READYSLATE® is lighter than traditional slate tiles so you’ll enjoy lower transport costs. And you’ll love the way our sturdy packaging means fewer broken or damaged tiles in transit.

Yet despite their relatively light weight READYSLATE® tiles deliver exceptional thermal and noise insulation.


Six 300 x 200mm hand quarried, non-carbonated, tectonic slate tiles make up each READYSLATE® module.

The slate originates from a quarry in Spain where most of the world’s leading quality slate is produced.

Slate is one of the most durable, weather resistant roofing materials known.

That’s why it has been used on buildings throughout Europe for hundreds of years and is an ideal choice for heritage and modern building designs in Australia.

The exquisite natural beauty of READYSLATE® will transform any home into a thing of great beauty.

Artificial roofing alternatives just cannot compete with READYSLATE® for quality, beauty or durability.

READYSLATE®--for that prestigious European look and quality you’ve been waiting for.


That’s right; a slate roofing revolution is coming – are you ready?

READYSLATE® is an innovative new roofing product that combines an ancient strength born out of 500 million years of nature’s engineering forces and human design ingenuity.

The result: a natural slate roofing system that’s durable, simple to install, efficient & eco-friendly.


With its European quality and stunning good looks READYSLATE® will enhance any property’s street appeal and add significant value to your home.

Now is the time to READYSLATE® for a truly rock solid investment. Don’t compromise – get the look you want and add value to your property with READYSLATE®.


READYSLATE® offers all the quality advantages of natural slate roofing with an easy 4-step installation process that DIYers can do.

You don’t need to hire skilled tradies and no specialized machinery is required.


READYSLATE® is easily installed using nails or screws. Each individual slate tile is predrilled to simplify the installation process.

That’s right, no more fussing around with chalk lines and drilling holes for your nails; it’s all done for you. Once fitted, peel back the protective film.


Laying READYSLATE® modular design slate tiles is a breeze. When aligning neighbouring modules simply overlap the waterproof sheet of the previous module.


READYSLATE® slate tiles are marked with an overlapping line to ensure all successive tile rows are correctly laid to achieve superior weatherproofing performance.

This is an enormous time and labour saving innovation in itself.


Now simply repeat steps 1 and 2. You can easily adapt modules to any roof element.

READYSLATE® will accommodate most flashings (metal or other material) on valleys, hips, ridges and other critical points including ventilated ridges.

The result is your own waterproof, resistant and eco-friendly natural slate roof.

* Please consult our step-by-step installation instructions for more information.


The double layer design of the READYSLATE® tile modules offers reduced installation time and cost savings as well as delivering real performance against any weather.

READYSLATE® consists of two layers:

Support layer: a waterproof bituminous self-adhesive membrane.

This super tough membrane consists of a non-woven polyester felt and is reinforced with an SBS modified bitumen mastic coating. Water just can’t get through.

External tile: High quality 3-4mm thick hand-quarried natural slates with a density of 2850 Kg/m3.

The tile density delivers incredible thermal performance for hot and cold climates. Individual tiles are predrilled and marked with an overlapping reference in order to simplify the installation process.

READYSLATE® is installed over an approved breathable roofing underlay sitting on top of a continuous substrate such as plywood.

This continuous support means tiles are less likely to break in extreme weather events such as severe hail storms.

And in the unlikely event that a tile is broken the supporting substrate will help prevent any damage to the internal structure.


READYSLATE® uses totally natural slate moulded by nature for more than 500 million years.

You can be sure that READYSLATE® will deliver all the exceptional durability performance you can only find in 100% natural slate.

Natural building materials offer real environmental benefits for today’s world as well as for future generations.

The manufacture of READYSLATE® involves lower power consumption and CO2 emissions compared with artificial roofing materials.

That’s because our 100% natural slate is split by hand and uses no additional chemicals. READYSLATE® is a truly sustainable roofing cladding with low environmental impact.

With READYSLATE® you can keep your family warm and dry today and you’re looking after their future too.


Are you ready for a roof that will quite probably live longer than you do?

Natural slate offers that kind of lifetime durability that only a product born out of the earth’s slow and patient natural processes can deliver.

READYSLATE® is a high strength, weatherproof and fire resistant natural slate.

It is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions and delivers excellent performance in corrosive environments when stainless steel fixings are used.

READYSLATE®’s low water absorption reduces the possibility of tile cracking in severe wet cold conditions making it a great choice for those colder parts of Australia.

READYSLATE® holds its natural beauty and remains unchanged over time in terms of both aesthetics and performance.


With its classy natural black sheen and incomparable texture, natural slate provides a noble, elegant, personality-packed roof cladding.

Each tile is completely unique and retains its individuality throughout its lifetime so you don’t need to worry about fading or colour loss.

Slate tiles have always been associated with premium market real estate. Now you too can add real prestige to your home thanks to READYSLATE®.

Where can I use READYSLATE®?

READYSLATE® is ideal for roofing throughout Australia but we think it’s especially suited to some areas including but by no means limited to:

  • Sydney--Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Upper North Shore,
  • Blue Mountains & Snowy Mountains regions
  • Southern Highlands and Southern areas
  • ACT and surrounds
  • Melbourne – Surrey Hills, Toorak, Brighton
  • High Country Victoria – Mt Buller, Falls Creek, Mt Hotham
  • Adelaide – south eastern, inner southern and Adelaide Hills

Now, with READYSLATE® no matter where you are, you can enjoy the glamorous look and superior performance of genuine slate tiles.

See the READYSLATE® difference exclusively at No1 Architectural Panel Systems.




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