Wide pans, narrow sharply defined ribs; they're what make UrbanE™ Nail Strip such a distinctive steel roofing and wall cladding choice for architects, builders, owner builders, and home owners throughout Australia.

UrbanE™ Nail Strip is all about elegant simplicity, clear-cut definition, industry leading durability and cost-effective installation.

UrbanE™ Nail Strip is perfect when you're looking to add an inspired stylish touch to any residential or commercial application.

A choice of low rib height of 25mm or the 38mm rib heights, the pans come in a range of fixed widths, and options to be laid vertically, horizontally or diagonal laying give you complete control over the quality of your creative vision.

Installation is fast and simple with no need for rib crimping or other specialised tools. Whether you want to make a statement with bold in-your-face lines or prefer a more subtle shadow line, UrbanE™ Nailstrip is a roof and wall cladding option that will deliver the results you need.

Grey Nailstrip - Rozelle
Balmain Nailstrip


UrbanE™ Nail Strip enhances any residential or commercial roof and wall cladding project.

And when it comes to defining your architectural vision UrbanE™ Nailstrip has a lot to offer. nailstrip provides a clean seamless appearance similar to Standing Seam but without the need for mechanical seam sealing.

The sheets are simply fastened using perforated nail strips that are concealed under the adjoining sheets. This makes UrbanE™ Nailstrip a very economical, cost effective lightweight cladding solution.

UrbanE™ Nailstrip has a minimum pitch requirement of 7.5°. Standard panel lengths range from 1 metre up to 6 metres for a wide range of design possibilities.

An extensive range of material type options and colours expands the number of ways creative designers can play with the architectural design potential of UrbanE™ Nailstrip.


Material options include:

  • Colorbond--0.55mm BMT Colorbond / Zincalume / Metallic / Ultra
  • Copper--0.7mm BMT Copper
  • Aluminium--0.7mm BMT Aluminium
  • Zinc-- 0.7mm Zintek Zinc, VMZinc, Rhein Zinc, Jarden Zinc

Available in 25mm and 38mm rib height, it comes in various widths and lengths to suit your project:

25mm rib height sizes:

  • 25 x 295mm
  • 25 x 495mm

38mm rib height sizes:

  • 38 x 265mm
  • 38 x 465mm

Custom cover widths are also available so talk to us if you have something special in mind for your next project.


UrbanE™ Nailstrip is about maximising design choice and that includes a very expansive colour range.

The Colorbond colour range provides a wealth of hues and shades for you to experiment with in addition to the natural colours of copper, Zincalume, and the warmth of Corten weathered steel.

The Colorbond range includes an exciting set of 22 colours and shades suitable for classic older style housing through to the contemporary range of exciting modernistic colours.

UrbanE™ Nail Strip is about giving you choice and control over your next wall, or roofing project.



Nailstrip Stanmore Parramatta Road


UrbanE™ Nail Strip is lightweight and promises extremely rapid and straightforward installation for real-time cost savings.

UrbanE™ Nail Strip requires continuous support. We recommend 15mm plywood for walling and 18mm plywood for roofs. For the 38mm x 265mm profile in Colorbond/Zincalume/Metallic/Ultra it can be installed on a 40mm batten at maximum 600mm centres. A ventilation gap is required to avoid the formation of condensation.

UrbanE™ Nail Strip panels are laid and fixed directly to the plywood substrate with concealed screws or nails along the perforated strip every 300mm.

There is no need for fixing clips and the additional operation of seaming. This ensures the speed and ease of installation whilst allowing for expansion and contraction

The female rib is simply pushed firmly onto the smaller male rib forming an effective water barrier and seal. We also recommend the use of a breathable vapour barrier between the plywood and steel panel.

With horizontal installations start to lay the first panel from the top and work towards the bottom with the male rib always at the top.

Screw fasteners through the centre of the perforated slots so that the sheets are able to adapt to thermal expansion and contraction.

As with all steel products you need to eliminate any potential material compatibility issues. Incompatible materials may include fasteners, adjoining panels as well as any adjacent materials that may direct water runoff onto the nailstrip panels. Incompatible materials may increase corrosion rates significantly for any steel product.


UrbanE™ Nail Strip is a trusted low-maintenance cladding product that thrives in the toughest Australian conditions. The thin vertical ribs create a natural self-cleaning process and rainfall will wash away most dirt and debris from roofs and walls.

The clever concealed fix profile design eliminates the dirt build-up that caused premature failure with older cladding types. It's just one more reason why nailstrip cladding products are the perfect low maintenance wall and roofing applications.

Even so, some simple maintenance to remove leaf matter, dirt and other organic material from the panels is necessary once or even twice a year.

We also recommend washing the panels with water once a year. This is especially important if you live near a marine environment.

Annually clear gutters and downpipes of any blockages or leaf matter build-up. Blocked guttering is a common cause of water penetration into roof or wall cavities.

It’s important to remove all dirt and organic material because these can trigger corrosion and damage the paint finish.

UrbanE™ Nail Strip is the no.1 solution for reducing install times and costs as well eliminating troublesome maintenance challenges.


Australian-made steel has a proud reputation for real quality. That’s why No1 Architectural Panels Systems use Australian steel for a range of our UrbanE™ Nail Strip products.

Industry best practices and the most innovative technology ensure the highest standards throughout all our manufacturing and handling processes.

UrbanE™ Nail Strip cladding profiles are the cladding panels you can really trust.

Colorbond FAQ

Have you ever wondered what COLORBOND® is made of?

Well, the base of COLORBOND® material is actually made from galvanised steel. And not just any galvanised steel, it's galvanised in the recognised way.

They use a zinc substrate to treat the steel, which is attached using electrodes and current. Once that's done, the steel base is treated with a special anti-corrosion and weather resistant paint.


All roof, architectural panels, and wall cladding types manufactured by No.1 Roofing & Building Supplies are tested and fully certified to the new AS 1562.1:2018 standard.

This gives you real peace of mind for your next building project.




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