Snaplock Architectural Panels


Beautiful form, inspired design, exceptional durability, and simple fast installation.

These are the standout qualities that make Eclipse™ Snaplock steel roofing and wall cladding the go-to choice for any residential or commercial application.

Eclipse™ Snaplock is a favourite with home owners, architects, and builders because its ingenious yet simple design marks it as one of the premium architectural panels available in Australia today.

With a choice of 25mm or 38mm rib heights and a selection of pan widths Eclipse™ Snaplock can be subtle or in-your-face stunning.

Eclipse™ Snaplock combines superior weathertight performance with rapid installation thanks to the clever rib locking design.

And even at its most understated, Eclipse™ Snaplock has proven itself against the harshest punishment the Australian climate can throw at it.

Elegant, bold, subtle and sensuous or tough and proud, Eclipse™ Snaplock is a beautiful panel option that will provide years of pleasure and performance.


Eclipse™ Snaplock is the perfect choice for all residential and commercial roof and wall cladding applications.

The prominent ribs and pans are capable of carrying large volumes of water safely away during even the most violent rain events.

These same strong rib lines can be used to form powerful architectural design contrasts with other building materials including stone, timber, and glass.

You can play with textures, lines, and colours- Eclipse™ Snaplock will invoke your creative sparkle.

Eclipse™ Snaplock is similar to Stand Seam but a minimum pitch requirement of 3°, long-run lengths up to 8 metres or more and the possibility of custom widths allows for numerous architectural design possibilities.

Additional options for material types and colours gives creative designers further scope for unlocking the architectural design potential of Eclipse™ Snaplock.

Material options including Colorbond, Zincalume, zinc, copper, aluminium, and Corten offer a truly expansive vision of steel roof and wall cladding.

The extensive Colorbond colour range also adds variety to the ways you can make Eclipse™ Snaplock a very special part of any building project.

Standard pan and rib sizes include:

  • 25 x 320mm
  • 25 x 520mm
  • 38 x 285mm
  • 38 x 485mm

Custom cover widths are also available so talk to us if you have some special requirements in mind. Standard sheet lengths up to 8 metres can be used and even longer runs are possible depending on the site design.


Eclipse™ Snaplock is about inspired choice. The natural colours of copper, Zincalume, and the Corten weathered steel are reminiscent of the Australian environment.

And the Colorbond colour range provides an extensive palette of hues and shades for you to experiment with.

Reflect the enduring earthy nature of the Australian landscape, mirror the powerful forces of sea and water or find tranquil repose with the colours of the bush and forest.

Colorbond gives you that choice with an additional 22 colours. The Classic colour range is ideal for renovation projects with older style housing or for new projects where you want to blend in with neighbouring properties.

The contemporary range is inspired by the ever-optimistic sparkle that has transformed modern Australia. Eclipse™ Snaplock and contemporary Colorbond ate the perfect partners for both residential and commercial roof and wall cladding projects.


Eclipse™ Snaplock is lightweight and offers extremely fast installation.

As the name suggests the ribs of adjoining panels simply snap and lock into place without the need for crimping tools or other special procedures. The ease and speed of installation offer real cost and time savings.

Eclipse™ Snaplock requires continuous plywood support. We recommend 15mm plywood for wall cladding and 18mm plywood for roofing applications. A ventilation gap is required to avoid the formation of condensation.

Cleverly designed concealed fastening clips enhance the weather tightness of Eclipse™ Snaplock. Countersunk screws at 600mm (max) centres fix the clips directly to the timber. Now it’s simply a matter of pushing the female rib onto the male rib for a solid seal.

As with any steel product it’s important to eliminate any potential material compatibility issues. This includes fasteners, adjoining panels as well as any materials that may direct water runoff onto the Eclipse™ Snaplock panels. Incompatible materials may increase corrosion rates significantly.

It’s also important to align sheets and clips precisely to avoid any potential tension issues with the stress of thermal contraction and expansion.

Take advantage of the convenient option of mobile roll forming onsite or order custom lengths to minimize wastage and increase installation efficiency. This way you save both time and money.

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Randwick snaplock


Eclipse™ Snaplock is a superior, trusted low-maintenance cladding product designed for Australian conditions. The vertical ribs ensure that heavy rainfall will naturally wash away most dirt and debris from roofs and walls.

Traditional fixing screws were often a source of dirt build-up on older cladding types and could potentially lead to premature corrosion issues.

The concealed fixing screws avoid this problem and they’re just one more reason why Eclipse™ Snaplock will require minimal maintenance over its lifetime.

However, steel cladding, no matter how good it is, does still require some maintenance to ensure its full lifespan.

You should remove leaf matter, dirt and other organic material at least once or even twice a year. Wash the panels with water to remove salt deposits.

Check that gutters and downpipes are clear, as any blockages or leaf matter build-up can cause water to back up and potentially seep into seams and eventually penetrate roof or wall cavities.

Dirt and organic material can significantly increase the rate of corrosion and damage the paint finish so some maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your Eclipse™ Snaplock cladding in perfect condition.

Eclipse™ Snaplock is the no.1 choice for minimising installation time and costs as well as the standard maintenance hassles.


No1 Architectural Panel Systems are proud to use superior Australian-made steel as part of our range of materials for our Eclipse™ Snaplock products.

We use industry-leading best practices with the support of the latest hi-tech equipment throughout all our manufacturing and handling processes.

Eclipse™ Snaplock gives you the assurance of cladding that you can really trust.

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All roof, architectural panels, and wall cladding types manufactured by No.1 Roofing & Building Supplies are tested and fully certified to the new AS 1562.1:2018 standard.

This gives you real peace of mind for your next building project.




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