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Genesis™ Standing Seam offers a truly inspiring architectural vision thanks to its strong shadow lines, variable custom-sized pan widths, and options to be installed vertically, horizontally, diagonal and even curved applications.

Genesis™ Standing Seam has been around a long time and its trusted longevity adds a timeless quality to a truly modern appearance for both roofing and wall cladding profile.

Strong rib lines and tightly crimped seals ensure a really dependable watertight external cladding for walls and roofs.

The popularity of the Genesis™ Standing Seam profile is testament to its enduring qualities in any weather conditions and its strength of character.

A choice of 25mm or 38mm high ribs delivers real control over the visual impact of the shadow line. Bold impact or subtle elegance, Genesis™ Standing Seam offers real choice about the kind of statement you want your next building project to make.

Genesis™ Standing Seam is truly one of the classic architectural profiles available for residential and commercial design projects and remains one of Australia's most trusted and revered architectural cladding system.

When you’re looking for an iconic steel roofing and wall cladding option you can’t go past Genesis™ Standing Seam.


Genesis™ Standing Seam is perfectly at home in any roof or wall cladding application.

Strength is not the only quality of Genesis™ Standing Seam; playfulness and creativity feature at the forefront of any Genesis™ Standing Seam design project.

Play with a vertical, horizontal or even diagonal rib alignment to create contrasting planes and angles.  Experiment with customising the pan widths or using Genesis™ Standing Seam in curved configurations.

Genesis™ Standing Seam's strong linear expression is also perfect for creating powerful aesthetic connections with other structural features including stone, timber, and glass.

Genesis™ Standing Seam system is suitable for all pitches from vertical down to a minimum pitch of 3°. Long run panels up to 8 metres or longer (depending on site design) open up more options for creating powerful architectural designs.

You can further customise Genesis™ Standing Seam with a variety of material types and colours including Colorbond, Zincalume, zinc, copper, aluminium, and Corten options.

Add in the additional vibrant colour possibilities available in the Colorbond colour range and you'll begin to appreciate the special qualities Genesis™ Standing Seam can bring to your next architectural project.

Standard rib heights and pan widths include:

  • 25mm x 330mm
  • 25mm x 530mm
  • 38mm x 300mm
  • 38mm x 500mm

Standard sheet thicknesses include 0.55mm and 0.7mm. Independent engineering testing and certification ensures that Genesis™ Standing Seam meets or exceeds the required standards. Genesis™ Standing Seam is also fire rated for BAL purposes.

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Genesis™ Standing Seam blends strong linear flow with a wide range of colour choices for a truly artistic expression.

Choose from the clean, simple colours of copper, Zincalume, and Corten weathered steel or go for one of the vibrant colour options available in the Colorbond range.

The Colorbond steel colour range draws its inspiration from the rich palette of colours from the Australian landscape and marine environment.

The Classic Colorbond colour range is perfect for that more traditional look for either residential or commercial applications.

The Colorbond contemporary range brings a more youthful, exuberant range of colours-- perfect for residential and commercial projects.


Genesis™ metal cladding panels provide a simple rapid install solution for all cladding applications. You can expect to save significant amounts of time and money on installation costs with Standing Seam.

Genesis™ Standing Seam requires a continuous rigid substrate such as plywood. The recommended minimum plywood thickness is 15mm plywood for wall cladding and 18mm for roofing. Ventilation is also required to prevent condensation formation.

Fasten Genesis™ Standing Seam panels directly to the plywood substrate using countersunk screws through the concealed clips at 600mm centres.

Both fixed and sliding clips are suitable with the sliding clips providing for excessive thermal expansion or contraction of panels.

The female rib simply slots into place over the male rib of the adjoining sheet to conceal the screw clips. The seal is quickly completed using hand crimping tools or with a crimping machine for an extremely effective watertight seal.


Genesis™ Standing Seam provides a choice of single or double lock standing seam — the double lock standing seam is a requirement for extra high wind loadings.

Make sure you follow the full instructions within the installation process guide and only use the appropriate fasteners for the specific application and ensure that all adjacent materials are compatible.

The experienced team at No1 can offer you guidance and advice with regards to this and all applications across the range of No1 Architectural Panels.


Standing seam panel cladding and roofing


Genesis™ metal cladding has built a long-standing reputation as a superior low-maintenance cladding product that offers industry-leading durability.

Genesis™ Standing Seam's strongly defined rib lines channel heavy rain efficiently and at the same time washing away most dirt and debris.

The old style fixing screws used to be vulnerable to dirt build-up and corrosion issues. The clever concealed steel clips fastening system offers exceptional weathering protection for Genesis™ Standing Seam as well as reducing maintenance requirements.

However, all metal cladding will benefit from some maintenance to ensure you get the best performance. The removal of all leaf matter, dirt and other organic material build-up on an annual or biannual schedule is essential for the optimal lifespan of any cladding. If the building is surrounded by trees you may need to repeat this operation even more frequently.

Leaf matter and dirt can block guttering and cause water to back up and enter into roof or wall cavities. Dirt and organic material also significantly increase the rate of corrosion and can potentially damage the paint finish.

That's why a regular maintenance programme is advisable but Standing Seam cladding minimises any maintenance challenges you may face.


No1. APS, the leading architectural cladding suppliers are proud to use superior Australian-made steel as part of our range of materials for our architectural cladding profiles.

No. 1 Roofing insists on industry-leading best practices and the use of the latest innovative technology throughout all Genesis™ Standing Seam manufacturing and handling processes.

Genesis™ Standing Seam –for a roof and wall cladding solution that gets a standing ovation every time.

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All roof, architectural panels, and wall cladding types manufactured by No.1 Roofing & Building Supplies are tested and fully certified to the new AS 1562.1:2018 standard.

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