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Savanna™ architectural wall panels create a stunning, minimalistic aesthetic that is unique among steel wall cladding options.

Overlapping minimalistic panels fixed with concealed clips deliver a cladding system that boasts a clean, slim line look allied with superior waterproof design that’s suitable for all residential and commercial applications.

Savanna™ is making real waves in the construction world thanks to its elegant, less is more beauty.

Designers will love the range of standard module widths as well as custom widths available. And the ability to lay the panels in various orientations opens up an enormous vista of iconic bespoke design possibilities.

Savanna™ is a profile that’s equally at home transforming a classic renovation, making a dazzling modernist statement on a new build or as a subtly detailed element incorporated into a larger design plan.

Savanna™ comes with a large range of material and colour options to expand the extraordinary design possibilities. Go beyond the limits of current design restrictions. Expand your vision with Savanna™.


Savanna™ steel panelling is ideal for wall or roof cladding (roof pitches must be 25° or greater) applications.

The ability to lay panels in various orientations including vertical, horizontal, diagonal as well as use differing sizes provides an infinite array of patterns to play with.

You can also create tapering panel sizes as well as use Savanna in curved applications.

Savanna™ has an enormous range of shapes, colours and materials allows you to highlight aesthetic contrasts with alternative building materials such as stone, timber, and glass.

The interlocking seams create a clean shiplap type effect. Hairline panel joins for a subtle look or increased recess width for greater shadowing effect; Savanna™ is all about stunning design choice.

Playful or serious, subtle or demonstrative; Savanna™ gives you the ultimate flexibility to create your vision on any type of construction.

Savanna Applications
Savanna® Materials


Savanna™ comes in a wide range of material options including: Colorbond®, Zincalume®, Zinc, Copper, Aluminium, Corten and the Uni-Cote® Lux range.

The ability to mix and match materials, sizes and colour choices opens up a whole new horizon of design possibilities.

Proximity to coastal environments or other corrosive elements may influence your choice of ideal materials.

You may also want to consider environmental impacts such as visibility, glare, and heritage values when deciding on your Savanna™ material. Our standard panel width sizes are below.

Standard cover widths include:

  • 140mm
  • 240mm—our most popular size
  • 340
  • 540

Oil canning (panel waviness or distortion) is always a potential issue with any flat panel steel cladding. This is particularly true when using panels wider than 240mm.

The greater the width of panel: the greater the likelihood of oil canning simply due to the nature of ‘effectively’ flat metal.

Please note that oil canning does not affect cladding performance in any way.

Following proper installation procedures may help to limit this effect to some degree but oil canning does not necessarily indicate that poor installation practices have been followed.

You can achieve spectacular effects with varying panel sizes and so we also offer custom cover widths– please consult our experienced team for advice and options.

Independent engineering testing and certification ensures that Savanna™ meets or exceeds the required standards: AS1562.1-2018.


Savanna™ offers an enormous array of colours to spice up your architectural vision.

Zincalume has its own understated patina that works well in all settings but you can also explore the added earthy warmth of natural reds and browns with the copper or Cor-ten option.

The standard Colorbond® range expands your palette and gives you plenty of options whether you want to blend in with your environment or make a boldly unique statement.

The Colorbond® contemporary range is brim-full of youthful zest that reflects the energy and enthusiasm of modern Australia. It’s perfect for residential and commercial projects.

Traditional approaches to colour use suggest that you take into account the existing colour range on the property or in the neighbourhood.

This is especially true in old heritage renovations where council rules may restrict your choices. That’s where the Colorbond® Classic range is ideal.

The Uni-Cote® Lux range brings in another world of subtle colours and patterns to expand your creative vision.

Making an unforgettable visual statement has never been easier with options ranging from wood lookalikes such as Ashwood or textured steel effects including Zinc Graphite or Silver Quartz through to the Pentagon pattern look.

Savanna® Installation


Everyone, from builders to project managers will appreciate the ease and speed of installation. You’ll save both time and money.

Savanna™ is installed over 15mm construction grade plywood with a 20mm air cavity. For roof installation, 17mm construction grade plywood with a 40mm air cavity will be necessary.

You’ll need to lay a moisture-proof membrane or building wrap before installing the Savanna™ panels. Countersunk screws through concealed clips hold the panels securely in place.

The interlocking folds (similar to Interlocking Panels) provide a tried and tested barrier against any water intrusion whether you install the panels with a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Remember when juxtaposing different materials to consider any potential material compatibility issues.

Savanna™ architectural panels are non-combustible and are tested and fully certified to the new AS 1562.1:2018 standard.


Savanna is an exceptionally hard-wearing, low-maintenance steel cladding. Savanna™ has clean faces allow heavy rain to simply wash away most dirt and debris.

Concealed fixing elements protect against corrosion in what used to be a weak point in older cladding types. Savanna™ will require minimal maintenance over its lifetime.

Regular cleaning is highly recommended to maintain Savanna™ has stunning appearance and provide optimal durability.

You should remove leaf matter, dirt and other organic material build-up on an annual basis. If the building is surrounded by trees or is subject to a highly corrosive environment more frequent cleaning may be required.

Savanna® Maintenance


No1 Roofing and Building Supplies  manufacture and supplies some of the best quality and innovative products in the industry.

We’re constantly improving our manufacturing and handling processes using industry best practices and the latest hi-tech equipment.

Savanna™ cladding uses superior Australian-made steel and we’re proud to be able to supply Savanna™ to you.

Savanna™ and No1 Roofing and Building Supplies; it’s all about expanding your vision with superior steel cladding and exceptional service.

So come and talk to us about how Savanna™ can bring an exciting creative flair to your next project.




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